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Health Care Consultancy

Pahla Sukh Nirogi Kaya (PSNK) consultancy vision is to be the most reliable Knowledge based Consultancy in the Healthcare Industry.

PSNK is a professionally managed proficient Healthcare Consultancy.

We have an expertise in providing Comprehensive Consulting Services to Healthcare Service providers & Focus on imparting essential skills. Our team is skilled enough to handling Management issues.

Safety wealth

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We also specialize in Healthcare Governance & Management, Organizational Design and Operating Models.
Expertise to achieve the goal of Employee-Patient satisfaction while ensuring operational benefits and continuous growth of the hospital.

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Quality is no longer a responsibility of only the QC department. It is everything in an organization & is everyone's responsibility.
We need to teach quality techniques & concepts to people in all spheres of work.


We Understand

Each hospital or healthcare organization while reflecting general patterns still has its own unique characteristics based on its own differences of individuals, history & situations. Events experienced are unique to each organization & hence the solutions also, always follow an individualized pattern.

  • Comprehensive Consulting for Hospitals.
  • Project Management.
  • Integrated HIS Implementation.
  • Accreditations & Quality Management.
  • Inventory Business Process Improvement.
  • Business Process Re-engineering.